A Day at Genting Highlands

It was an ad-hoc plan to travel up to Genting and escape the warm weather. It was also a good trip to spend some time together and looking about to see the development at Genting.

First stop was at Lavender farm where there were tonnes of flowers, strawberries and nice spots to take some photos. Since it wasn’t that cold, we decided to get some smooth ice-cream there before travelling further up to the peak.


Genting indeed has transformed very much for a small hilltop. This new Casino mall like area is still under construction. We miss open air starbucks under the drive way which is pretty much indoors now. TO be honest we got lost, we walked more than 10k steps for the whole day.


We got a little hungry and we decided to stop of a tea break and rest our legs. Street Churros is here at the new wing.


Then we paid a visit to Maxims Hotel, one of the most grand area at Genting Highlands. Tonnes of artistic and architectural display.


Then we decided to head out and rest under the weather that was cooling down by the evening. Its getting colder. It was nice just to sit out watch the traffic and chat.


Stomach was calling so we went to Dragon-i for dinner. Had pork noodle soup which was no disappointment before heading back home in the dark. Was a lovely day, well spent at Genting.

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