My life was a mixture of art and technology. I had spend a lot more time practicing art in my younger days, I particularly enjoyed drawing and shading. I grew up with Home PCs, started off with Windows 3.1 which was probably the most ground breaking interfaces of the time. I remembered spending lots of time with Windows 95, ME and XP later on. After secondary school, I enrolled into a design school which I never started class there.  I then decided to pursue my desire for technology and graduated with Bachelors of Science Honors 2nd Upper in Information Technology Networks from Lancaster University, UK. Spent 6 years in telecommunication as a whole, starting as a Network Engineer and progressively moved to IT Project Management Executive. I decided to undertake a study in Business and graduated with Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Victoria University, Australia. Upon completion, I moved into general business operation and risk management.

Off career life, I had spent a sum of time in photography since 2003. Begun by using an old film camera and moved on to digital photography. I mainly photograph events and landscapes in my early days. Now I had been photographing weddings, pre-weddings and my travels. Personally, I own a Canon 60D, 24-105 F4L, 50mm and you would be able to find more of my artwork and photographs from my website.

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Email: samuelwong@sawoc.my