Connect Keluarga Multiply

Another connect retreat to begin 2017. Multiplication was needed as our connect grew in numbers over the months.

So we begin with happy moments, traveled down to Malacca and rented a 3 story AB&B. Wasn’t a disappointment at all. Fortunately the place was new as we made a lot of noise.


Started off with competitive Tennis on Wii. Very competitive with a lot of shouting and it is pretty tiring after a while.


Time was spent together over lunch and hopping around for food. Then came evening where we queued for coconut shake. They couldn’t resist the pose, queue was long but not that long…


… queuing for dinner was insane, it took us more than 1 and a half hours to get two tables for our large group of hungry stomachs but we had fun chatting outside.


Finally dinner is served. Despite the hunger, photos always comes first. Of cause we prayed first… i hope we did. We then spent a good time walking around Jonker Walk, Malacca by night. You’ll never imagine who are the ones fooling around in the shops ­čśÇ and that was not the end of the night.


We gathered back at the house for a sharing session by both our current leaders and the new up coming leaders that was going to take on the new group.


It is going to be a bunch that I was going to miss but we would bump into each other in church i suppose.


SO here are the connect ladies and their teddy bears. A photo most of them were so excited that I could never get a shot with everyone clear. The night did not just end yet, more screaming and Tennis Wii matches till 2 AM. To my surprise the younger ones went to sleep early, just so you know who was screaming ­čÖé


Morning was a day out at Jonker Walk, street filled with decorations even during the day. They had durian ice-cream but it was just not my thing. Some had to leave after lunch while some of us continued to wonder around town.


We bumped into this cool looking, NY Brooklyn style building. Its actually a new hotel not officially launched. As you can see, we took the liberty to warm the couch.

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