First Valentines

It is my first valentines, ever with this very special person. So i had to make sure the day was a little special too. We decided to head to a farm and see some strange looking animals. Well it is not strange but smells badly, most of it except for the tiny cute little fellas.

We got a chance to get up close and personal with the animals, cows, donkey, ostrich and some others.

There was the peacock which rarely opens up its feathers, so this was our fortunate chance to see it showcasing its feathers.

There there was this iguana which we were given a chance to feed it leaves. It could get a little aggressive at times. Just look at his claws, not something I would want jumping about.

Of cause something not to be missed, the cute bunnies. Tonnes of them jumping around. I would say the happiest spot in the farm.

Valentines had to end with a pleasant dinner. Picture credits to Vivian.

Dinner was served very well with wine and choice of our main course. Starters was wonderful too, overflowing choice of deserts too.

It was a pleasant trip, shades and sea goes well.

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