High in the Mountains

We took a trip up to the mountains, famously known as Genting Highlands and a short trip to the most european part in Malaysia, Colmar. It was one of the most memorable trips, not that we saw a somewhat ghostly stuff but the lobster and tonnes of photos.

This was the lobster sandwich at Burger and Lobster. Delicious but could fit into two mouths. It was my first lobster in my life, my girlfriend has another whole lobster on her plate. So she has decided she would not be eating lobster again for the rest of the year.

Sky Avenue is a nice place to explore. We decided to sign up at members with Genting to take advantage of the points. No we do not gamble but we light the weather up here.

Here is the famous pose with SKY Avenue sign-board. I would like to say we did it first before anyone else.

I have never sat on a cable car in Malaysia, well simply because i don’t trust it. Since this is new and due to some incident, we decided we shall try the cable car. The glass cabin was really thrilling although it would cost a bomb but the special lane paid off the wait. It is worth traveling in it during the day and the night we took the normal cab.

We also made our way to Colmar Tropica, Berjaya Hills. It was just of the photos and the environment.

As it was a long day, we decided to rest by the fountain.

Swans are there are a live and well. Two white and one black, gracefully swimming.

Just before heading back, the girl wants a celebrity shot by the pool.

I must say it was a fun try and enjoyably relaxing. Again, i miss the weather there, coming back down to the valley is really hot.

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