Kick Starting 2017

Looking at back 2016, it was a year filled with excitement. A year just to release and let go after graduating from MBA. Spend the other half just absorbing moments with friends and family. 31 Dec was spend well with friends in the afternoon, great bunch of new friends from church and it was an enjoyable evening just getting to know each other a little more. Yes also our connect leader’s birthday celebration!


At night wasn’t a countdown night to be missed with really ol’friends. Buddies that have stuck together through test of times. We have moments of ups and downs, some through childhood and some through our teens. 1 Buddy missing, away on a family trip. It was a night we very much needed to catch up till the new year.


January started off with one of my best school mate’s wedding. The bunch of us from the same primary and some secondary school mates. It has been ages since we all gathered together but what a way to start off the year.


That did not stop for January, we needed the party! MBA mates, oddly we named ourselves Teme. Here we are for a reunion, it had to be in the afternoon… my first afternoon drinks. Wasn’t bad at all with me slipping and falling in our crazy conversations. Lets just say, I’ll blame my socks.


January also came with a surprise, Vivian was able to come over to KL for 2 weeks which we well officially announced to friends. We have decided to get together.


Another reunion that we had in January. Congratulations to Joshua and Manimala the bunch of us from primary and some continued in the same secondary school. We had not seen each other for say about 12 years. It was a wonderful and joyful occasions to be celebrated.

January had been well.


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