King’s Wedding

Well it isn’t actually crown king’s wedding but his name is Tit King our ex-colleague and friend. Nevertheless, he is King on this day. We spend the evening before driving up to Ipoh in the dark on a Friday which we were privilege to participate on his big day to get his bride.


The morning in Ipoh was pleasant, wasn’t a rush the stay at this AB&B was comfortable after a few adjustments to the mattress.


Guys in shades that who we were. Blue vest was provided, which was pretty cool.


The groom with a gun. Of cause it wasn’t as simple as posing and looking good. We had games to perform upon the request of the bridesmaid. That means looking somewhat stupid but it wasn’t that bad either. Thankfully.


Our shades were just too cool so they wanted it. Come to thing of it we guys didn’t get to pose like this, did we?


The moment the ladies have been waiting for… flower!


Dinner was nice, huge celebration in Ipoh with sessions of very well selected Karaoke singers from family and friends.

The 3 of us decided to call it a night early. So we were done early and left for our room to rest and watch some TV. We wish Tit King all the best as he begin his new family.

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