MBA Graduation Ceremony

The day has arrived after much deliberation if I should attend the 3k worth event in which I had gotten the certificate already. This was more for formality purpose and for the family. So here I am hours before graduation. Not something I had seen myself achieve, especially not after secondary school. I was just bad with the books. I spend most of my time with multimedia stuff but definitely not with books. MBA has been something talked about but not something I thought I would do.

Then again I was determine not to do Form 6 (Grade 13) but I ended up with it. I never saw myself good with numbers but I came in 2nd Upper with BSc. Honors in IT Networking. So this is another achievement on the same list of least expected achievements. I must first render thanks to God for the strength, grace and wisdom.

She came over to join the celebration and support, couldn’t miss out on the fun i suppose. It was really sweet of her to fly over.

Graduation was going to be long process. In fact it was very long that my butt hurts. MBA’s came in last on the list. I was about to fall a sleep to be honest.


The ceremony was officiated by the Chancellor of Victoria University, Australia. The dean of business school was to be praised for reading names throughout the 2 hours session. Names that were not in his ordinary language.


Most of all, it was a great bunch of friends we made at MBA. All from different backgrounds and professions. We worked together as a team (not all the time) but we were matured enough to understand practical chemistry.


The people that supported me through thick and thin, long hours of work and study at night. Slacked a lot on house chores. The people that had brought me up and it has been beyond my wildest dreams to pursue education thus far. Thank you for raising me.


The Teme Group of friends that decided to turn off for the ceremony. In which most of us contemplated. Great bunch of fun times. The BBQ sessions and stupid jokes we made in class. Yet was had all also contributed to the class of 2016 from our own expertise and field of work. It was truly what I would call, Work Hard and Play Hard at its best. As Masters graduate this is not just the beginning, we are in the process of getting to our dreams. Keep in touch.


Last but not least, it was wonderful to have Vivian on this occasion. Life has been full of surprises the past 12 months. She was no exception to that and truly appreciate the moment. Hope we will be able to continue this journey together.

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