Penang Butterfly Farm

Flights are becoming a norm lately. I’m not sure if this is what fulfills my dreams, I love flights. This is Penang International Airport. I’m here to see Vivian. Just touched down safely from approximately 50 minutes flight, most of the time it would only take around 30 minutes.

The flight was smooth nonetheless, maybe due to the cautious flying methods and the extra long minutes. Weather is good, lovely Saturday morning in Penang. Greeted by none other than the beautiful person I’m expecting 🙂


We adjured for breakfast at a kopitiam. Not my usual and it has been a while since I had breakfast in these kind of shops. Tasted good, very traditional Chinese breakfast. It’s located near bayan baru, not sure exactly on the location.


Penang is a food city and pet cafes are popping up everywhere. So here is a beautiful cozy place with small cute little dogs. We had very rich chocolate cake and played hours with cute little fellas. Well there were moments the dog had their fights.

So we have been eating all morning and afternoon. Our next stop was lunch, a noodle place. The mee was good too. Then It was check in to the hotel to freshen up and met up with her friends later in the evening.

Following day was Sunday, service as usual at Audacity, Penang. Great bunch of friends there. We had lunch and adjured to Penang’s Butterfly farm.


The Penang Butterfly farm had transformed and rebranded to Entopia. Its big and filled with free flying butterflies and other reptiles or insects.



The more white ones, feasting on the flowers for nectar. You can get a larger copy on my EyeEm profile.


She loves butterflies 🙂 Like the park said, no touching. The park breathes butterflies and ships it out to other parks around the world.


This is the process of butterflies life, from the caterpillar to its beautiful wings.


This particular butterfly couldn’t get off her. It followed us halfway around the park before we shook it off as we approached the door.


Here is the indoor part where tonnes of reptiles and insects were. This huge big bug doesn’t bite exactly but it has a tremendously short life span of several days upon growing to this size.


Dinner was good at El Farro. We had spanish dinner. It was tasty small portions. I had fish with no regrets.


Wine was not disappointing either, went well.


We decided to chill at a new spot, City Bayview Penang Rooftop. No regrets, nice view, lovely wind and good drinks.


The next day, high tea before I was sent back to the airport to fly home. Cake was huge and rich at Chinahouse. It was a wonderful trip to Penang and I miss the moments.

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